Tim Tran

We were fortunate enough to have Rich be our first and only real estate professional. His knowledge, honesty, and responsiveness is the main reason we were able to get into our first home, not only that, it was custom-built. With the way the market was heading, his foresight and advice got us into a comfortable financial position - way ahead of the game. The thing that sets him above the rest is the fact that he will continuously communicate with you, clearly and professionally. We have no doubts that this isn't a one time service he provided for us, we look forward to working with him in the foreseeable future.

Paul Hundal

Rich has been a blessing for us in the home buying process. Could not be more thankful for having him by our side in getting our first family home.

Having a real estate agent who’s knowledgeable about the comps, knows the market trends, is quick and responsive, has your best interest in mind and able to really communicate each step of the way is almost impossible to find. Before meeting Rich, my wife and I had been displeased with finding an agent that really took the time to get us to succeed.

Rich put his best foot forward with us and I had no doubts about anything with him. We crafted a game plan and executed it to perfection, and as a result we are home owners today!

1000% recommend linking up with Rich if you’re in the market, I hope I’m lucky enough to buy more homes and have him be my agent again!

Jenny Lee

From the very first point of contact, Rich has been an extremely communicative, professional, knowledgable agent. We were buying for the first time in the State of Washington and doing so remotely so we really had to rely on him fully. He is especially detail oriented, trustworthy, patient and persistent which helped with the whole process so much since we were very busy with work, family members in and out of the hospital, young children.... I would recommend Rich for any type of real estate buyer or seller.